Adding a Wireless LAN Service in Windows Server 2008

10 April 2011 18:09

To add a Wireless LAN service in Windows Server 2008, first open Server Manger and navigate to Features. In the Features pane select ‘Add Features’.

01 Server Manager

In the ‘Add Features Wizard’, locate and select Wireless LAN service. Select Next and confirm the selection by selecting Install.

02 Select Feature Wireless LAN

03 Confirm Wireless LAN

04 Progress Wireless LAN

To install the Wireless LAN service a reboot is not required.

05 Results Wireless LAN

Once installed, right click the network icon in the notification area and select Open Network and Sharing Centre.

06 Network and Sharing Center

We need to create a network profile. In the Open Network and Sharing Centre, select Manage wireless networks.

07 Network and Sharing Center

In the Manage wireless networks dialog select ‘Add’.

08 Manage Wireless Networks

Select Manually create a network profile.

09 Manage Wireless Networks

Enter your details to connect to your network. If you have configured you wireless router to not broadcast its SSID, you will need to additional select ‘Connect even if the network is not broadcasting’.

10 Manage Wireless Networks

Click close to complete adding the wireless network profile.

11 Manage Wireless Networks

Windows Server should now automatically connect to your wireless network.

12 Manage Wireless Networks

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